Balloon Hi is a 3D casual arcade game.
Inspired by pilotwings and crazy golf.
Guide your balloon from take off to the landing zone,
playing over 6beautiful world maps with 50challenging levels,
in a relaxing but occasionally frantic hot air balloon game.


Made by Robin using 3DSMax, Unity and a DM12D.


COMING Early 2021.

PC / MAC / Android / IOS.

Week 11 , heres a Gif showing the 2nd map 'ICE WIND HAIL'
Each map has a slightly different style of play,

with this map its Sliding on the Ice.

I also uploaded the Demo to and created a page :- Balloon Hi

Its the end of week 9 and Im a little behind because

I upgraded to a new graphics engine inside Unity,

that I probably should have done at the start.

but its almost all transfered and I can get on with the other maps.

The Demo is in good shape.. and has had a polish to take it to v0.85

Please have a play and let me know what you think,

you can email me with the link above.

or follow me on twitter for more regular updates :-



Dev week 7 and ive introduced a gust mechanic, which when

picked up allows the player to click on the balloon and

apply a gust of wind. this makes the game a little more like

mini golf and a bit easier, in the cases you go

minorly off course by hitting something.


Its the start of dev week 6 and I'm working on

weather effects, rain, lightning, tornados, snow etc.


Website updated November 2020 by Robin.